Sarah Adler


Spoon University is a food website and community for college students. Check out recipes, restaurant reviews, kitchen tips and food news — all written for college students, by college students. There are over 1000 contributing students on more than 60 college campuses from coast to coast.


Secret Sauce is an interactive web-based orientation program that trains students in everything they need to know to effectively participate in and lead a Spoon University chapter.

Each student completes a customized track for their position, and we can track their progress throughout. Members can also use it file event reports, make memes for social media sharing, and communicate with one another.

Dadler's Guide to Facebook

I tried to teach my dad how to use social media. I made him a book for his birthday, which covered the navigation bar, page wireframes and features, terminology, how-to's and etiquette for old fogies. He showed his buddies, and I made several more for other old people.